Tuesday, December 05, 2006

South Salt Lake City Council Presentation

4 Dec 2006

On Wednesday I was invited to make a presentation to the South Salt Lake City Council.

They listened to my summary for nearly a half hour and asked many questions. The tone of the meeting was very good. Some of them asked for some follow up information that I am now getting ready.
Also GJ LaBonty of UTA gave the council an update of the Transportation Alternatives Study of the SugarHouse Spur.

The City Attorney also reviewed to the council some of the aspects of the city's relationship to UTA.

It appears that the Alternatives Study will look at Trax, Bus Rapid Transit, UTA operated modern Streetcar, and my Vintage Trolley. The study will likely consider using different corridors.

I have heard the various engineering companies are to have their preliminary proposals submitted by Dec 5th. UTA will select the Engineering company by December 22nd barring any glitches.