Thursday, January 04, 2007

The Modern Streetcar - Portland, OR

Video clips of a modern streetcar in Portland Oregon. This is the type of vehicle being considered for a streetcar system in SugarHouse. This streetcar system will support a livable, walkable community in SugarHouse, just as it has done in Portland.


Lucas said...

Portland's streetcar seems a lot Salt Lake's light-rail. A vehicle like the one Portland has is too large, imposing and noisy to be compatible with a recreation path alongside.

I would like to see some video of a old-era streetcar to get a sense of it's noise, agility and presence.

I did like the accessibility features, and stop designs of Portland's system.

Stan said...

Portland's streetcar system is quiet and convenient. People walk along sidewalks to the side of it every day without complaint. TRAX is much louder and more imposing, so I have no worries about a streetcar here in Salt Lake City.