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Trolley in Valley Journal, May 2007

Valley Journals

UTA may connect SSL to
Sugar House via trolley

Residents of SSL and Sugar House attend an open house
about the proposed trolley.

By Kristy Kuhn
Clang, clang, clang goes the trolley... in South Salt Lake?
Trolleys are just one of the many transportation alternatives up for consideration by the Utah Transit Authority for the Sugar House transit corridor: the area between 1700 South and I-80 and from TRAX to 1300 East.
Recently, the cities of South Salt Lake and Salt Lake City approached UTA to complete a transit study to examine the need for a major transit investment in the UTA right-of-way along 2100 South. The two cities and UTA identified six criteria required for the transit solution along this
corridor: frequent stops, low speeds, pedestrian-friendly crossings, an urban linear park, broad community support and creative-funding solutions.
UTA hosted an open house at the Columbus Center on April 2 to share information on the study and get input from local residents. The event, which was well attended, gave the community an
opportunity to help determine the need for a transit alternative and to give feedback on the “universe of alternatives” (which includes all the potential transit alternatives that might fit in the study area).
UTA representatives were on hand to answer questions and solicit feedback from citizens and concerned parties.
“This initial meeting is meant to get input,” said Chad Saley, UTA spokesperson.
“We expect to have the locally preferred alternative around September. Right now, we’re still trying to put together something that the community would want and something that would fulfill a need.”
The information gathered from the first public meeting will be used to develop a “short list” of three preferred transportation alternatives. UTA will perform a detailed assessment on these alternatives based on several criteria, including the six identified previously. This short list will
be presented for consideration at the next public open house on July 12 at the Sprague Library in Sugar House.
At the end of the study, UTA hopes to have identified one “locally preferred alternative” along with funding options for the project.
“Part of the study is to find funding alternatives,” Saley said. “We currently have money for the study but no funding for the project.”
Those unable to attend the open houses
can still voice concerns or give feedback
at or by calling
RIDE UTA (743-3882).

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