Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Thanks and Good Bye

The SugarHouse Trolley Association is now history.
It has been a fun 7 years of meeting with the community to add some great benefits to our community.
I was a lighting rod that attracted alot of interest both positive and negative for the idea of Trolley to connect SSL to SugarHouse.



utahtramsit said...

Hi Doug,

Saw your post on the SugarHouse Trolley blog that your wrapping things up. Thanks for getting a vision of what "could be" out there in the community. Without your work, I don't think the Transit Alternatives Study would have even considered a trolley as a "real" alternative and may not have even happened at all. Now the gears are turning (however slowly) for what the community supports. I hope that it looks and feels something like your trolley. Thanks.
Lucas S

utahtramsit said...

Hi Doug,
I am sorry to hear it. I think, however, that you have been tremendously successful in creating awareness and the demand for a trolley-type service in the old rail corridor. I do not think that UTA's recent study would have turned out as it did had it not been for your tireless and enthusiastic work. You should be very proud of your accomplishments. I will do as you ask, with regret, and with much admiration for you.
Best wishes,

Ghost Rider said...

Thanks for all your efforts!! A spark is all it takes. I hope the conversation will keep rolling!!